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Our Process

Project Analysis
After discussing about the project with the customer the preliminary requirement analysis is done by our team. As the web site is going to be a part of a system, Xtreme team does complete analysis as, how the web site or the web based application is going to help the present system and how the site is going to help the business. The first important thing is finding the targeted audience.

Xtreme Team Interviews with the clients, Mails and supporting docs by the client. After understanding our client we do the preliminary requirement analysis.

The analysis is done to check if it is going to help the current system or not. Moreover analysis is done to check the impact upon present system. It is done by conducting meeting with clients, through mails, documents and any possible media. The analysis leads to the work plan, cost involvement, and specifications as per requirement of the client.

Specification Building
Requirement of the business is analysed and specification is made by comprising all the elements of the business. A proper preliminary document is created that includes the static and dynamic parts of websites, its overall content.
A written proposal is prepared that determines the time, scope and cost of the website.


Design & Development
As per the confirmation from the client for the web, we prepare a template to discuss the design and the layout of the webpage, moreover a prototype is prepared.
We understand, our client want to see what they are getting and whether the design is something they want or not. We prepare the prototype as per the client's request, some are functional and some are illustrative. A proper communication is made to make sure we meet our client's idea and is expressing their product in every possible way.
We value our customer that's why customer comments, feedback and approvals are highly undertaken.


Content Writing
Words express the actual meaning of the product. A proper content can sell anything if written and expressed properly. We focus on providing the best content from professionals. We highly recommend content from the client as a business executive would know more about business than anyone else. We have professional content developers to write industry specific and relevant content for the site.


Coding and testing
Our highly skilled developers and programmers can portray the design into code and can bring more life in that design. With proper use of template and without disturbing the look and feel of design, coding is done to ensure the quality and security of the web pages. All the codes are tested and proper testing is done with the latest technology. We can assure the standard of our code for better security of our clients and their products. Integration testing, Stress testing, Scalability testing, load testing, resolution testing and cross-browser compatibility testing is done to ensure the compatibility and usability around the globe. And then once the web is ready to launch we perform final testing to check the content and all active links in the website.


We understand the motive of webpage .i.e. to promote the business and the product. We deliver the web to you and will look after you as well. For the promotion of business we walk hand by hand with our client to ensure their position in the web. We stay with our clients for their better marketing by doing constant analysis and search engine optimization of the web for the proper ranking in Google, yahoo and others


Maintenance and Updating
We deliver a complete web to our clients as per their request. But our process doesn't stop there. We provide constant support to our client , 24 * 7 for the proper maintenance and updating of their site. We provide free service for three months to ensure our client is happy with our service and will be there to help them with any updates and modification to be done.